About the Creator

My name is Angela R. Sasser and I’m a painter, artisan, and creative writer.  I’m best known for my book, Angelic Visions: Create Fantasy Art Angels in Watercolor, Ink, and Colored Pencil.  

I work across various media, digital, traditional, and 3D, trying to capture the beauty of the world in its many different forms.  I am drawn to the Art Nouveau style in particular because of its way of combining decorative beauty with symbolic beauty and its graceful detailed compositions.

The Story of the Ladies

I was compelled to do this series as a homage to my favorite Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha, whose Precious Stone series entrances me with its graceful details and alluring colors.  I wanted to try my hand at a similar set of paintings, but with my own personal interpretation using the months of the year for inspiration.

This series allows me to explore my love of mythology, human culture, and symbolism in a multimedia project that combines my varied skillset in new and exciting ways.

Tools & Techniques

The Paintings are created in watercolor and ink with metallic liquid leaf accents.  I do a lot of prep work with thumbnails, fashion design plates, and sketches before I even move to inking the final line art on illustration board.

Read more about the creation of each painting in the Gallery of Paintings.

The Masks are created out of 8 oz. leather which is carved and tooled with special leatherworking tools.  The leather is then soaked in water and hardened by baking.  It is then decorated with leather dyes and acrylic paints.  Finally, the masks are sealed with satin varnish for a protective final touch.  They are affixed to the face with organza ribbon.

Read more about the creation of each mask in the Gallery of Masks.