DESIGN DIARY: December’s Mask Part 2

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December’s mask proved to be too ambitious of a challenge when it came to painting!  I had a mental image of my mind where golden veins would shine through a crackle texture of turquoise, much like the turquoise gemstone itself.  However, the end was not so beautiful as my mental image.  The crackle medium never seemed to work right on top of the gold dye I had used.  I would remember later that crackle medium requires you to seal the underpainting since dye leaves leather porous, which interferes with the crackle effect.  The final look of the mask with the gold underpainting as a patina also made the mask look unfinished and sloppy, rather than antiqued.

Sometimes you have to kill your darlings and I decided to start over from scratch.  If anyone would like this ‘reject’, drop me a line and I’ll give it to you for a good deal!

Starting the mask over from the beginning was frustrating, but at the very least, I could fix some of the carving errors I made and create an end product I could be fully proud of, rather than creating a sub-par end product.

This should also be a lesson to ALWAYS make test strips when using effects with special paint mediums just to make sure they’ll work right.  Even in trying the crackle medium a second time, the crackles just weren’t dramatic enough!  

On this second attempt, I used an underpainting of a darker green acrylic paint to create contrast and also provide a non-porous surface for the crackle medium. Even still, the effect was not as dramatic as I was hoping.  Such is life!  I sense a search for the perfect crackle medium in my future.  You can see in the progress shots where I used a white underpainting on the floral elements to help make the colors that would come later brighter.  The image on the right shows the completed mask after a Satin varnish has been added.  The varnish adds a subtle shine even to the matte elements, which I really enjoy.

More photos and a video of the finished mask will come with the final release on Dec 31st!  Want to reserve one of these limited edition masks for yourself?  You can do so via the Mask Collector Reward tier on Patreon.

I hope you enjoyed your Patreon-only sneak peek!  A download of this Design Diary along with a materials list will be included as one of the Digital Collector ($5+) Rewards.

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