DESIGN DIARY: June Mask Part 2

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June’s mask ended up being one of the more striking color palettes than I had first realized!  The contrast of the pearlescent underpainting with the red makes this mask stand out very much from the others.  I used a combination of iridescent taupe and white paint layered into the base color of the mask to replicate the look of a freshwater pearl.  Oh how very tempting it is to make endless variations of this mask with different colored roses!

Here’s your Patreon early sneak peek of the completed mask!  I’ve decided from now on I’ll let my Patreon Patrons view this mask before everyone else.

Your Patreon privilege also includes the ability to pre-order one of these extremely limited edition masks!  Only 10 of these will ever be made!  I’ve reserved half of the total amount of masks for my Patreons to pre-order before the mask’s official release.  You can do so by Pledging at the Mask Collector tier on Patreon for this month’s paid release.  

After this mask is shared with the public on the final day of the month, I’ll open up the total number to my Etsy shop.

I hope you enjoyed your Patreon-only sneak peek!  A download of this Design Diary along with a materials list will be included as one of the Digital Collector ($5+) Rewards.

Thank you for your support!