DESIGN DIARY: June’s Mask Part 1

I’ve been looking forward to June’s mask for its simplistic color scheme and classical flower.  The Rose birth flower combines with the Pearl birthstone promises to be a lovely color scheme which is one of my favorite color schemes, white and red.

The biggest challenge with this mask was that there are a hundred ways to draw a rose.  I knew from the start I wanted the large, classical petals, but should they be hyper-stylized or realistic?

Mood Board

In the end, I went with something in-between stylized and realistic with an abstraction of the bloom centers to make carving easier on my hands.  I also settled with a layout that allows me to focus on a good mixture of petals versus leaf texture without being too busy.

Design Sketches

Process Gallery

Here are a few shots of the mask before and after it was tooled and baked.  It’s currently drying on my mannequin head.  I can’t wait to paint this one!  I’m planning a pearlescent white for the base to represent the Pearl birthstone and a deep red for the roses.  Or should I try another color?  What do you all think?

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