SKETCH DIARY: Lady of November Part 2

The next phase of Lady of November involves creating her look and specific details.  As always, Pinterest provides a good place to gather references.  I drew upon Victorian mourning fashion, the Mexican death goddess I mentioned last entry, and many lacy long veils, as the veil was a key component I knew I wanted to include.  The veil stood out in my mind because it symbolizes her connection to death and mourning, but also represents her role as one who stands at the veil between life and death.


Drawing on these influences, I set to sketching in my trusty croquis sketchbook with my grey pen set.  I ended up with a final look reminiscent to a veiled fortune teller, which goes well with her concept of being a spirit guide.  I hope to include more of the chrysanthemum flower in the pattern of her lace and sashes in the final art to bring in more of her visual motifs.


Finally, here we have the mockup made of various reference photos!  They’ll act as a guideline for her final line art.


Stay tuned to the Sketch Diary PDF for the final part of these process posts!  I’m running a little behind this month, so instead of dropping another sneak peek, I’m going to skip right to sharing the Sketch Diary PDF as soon as it’s available.

This has been your Patreon sneak peek!  Thanks so much for your support!

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